Sudan / South Sudan Literature Week


Exhibition Dates: 1st - 10th Novmeber 2018

A celebration of all genres of literature


Curator: Frédérique Cifuentes


Private View:Thursday, 1st November 2018, 18:00 - 20:00


P21 Gallery is proud to present ‘The Sudan / South Sudan Literature Week’, a new project curated by Frédérique Cifuentes. A multimedia exhibition with portrait photography, a sound and video art installation, a series of video stories and video interviews with Sudan /South Sudan writers, poets, cultural entrepreneurs and publishers, a series of public talks and events at P21Gallery and a books display.

The Sudan / South Sudan Literature Week will take place on Thursday 1st November until Saturday 10th November 2018 at P21 Gallery with a multimedia exhibition and more than 7 events featuring a wide range of authors, from fictions to poetry, folktales to graphic novels and live performances.

The Sudan / South Sudan Literature Week will offer a unique experience of both countries’ contemporary literary scene to visitors and authors alike. The event will investigate the challenges and opportunities faced by writers and literary entrepreneurs; and finally focus on ways of setting up collaborations and literary initiatives between the UK and the East African Region.

We will engage with authors, academics, journalists, publishers, critics, activists, and students of Sudan and South Sudan. Sudan and South Sudan present multiple literatures: the Arabic-based literature (its most well-known practitioner being Tayeb Salih), as well as literatures in English (Leila Aboulela, Jamal Mahjoub) and local languages, such as Beja (known for its poetic traditions) and Dinka (perhaps Makwei Mabioor Deng will help spark a written tradition).

In bringing together literature from Sudan and South Sudan, we would like to challenge the mainstream notion that both countries have little else to offer beyond images of war, violence, and unending political unrest.

With our partners, we will bring a vibrant programme offering a unique perspective on contemporary talents based in both countries as well as those from the Diaspora communities. We are very much looking forward to our week of debates, discoveries, performance and creativity.



Sudan and South Sudan key writers, publishing houses, online platforms, literary journals and organisations to take part:

Ibrahim Ishaq, Malka Al-Fadil, Leila Aboulela, Sara Hamza Aljack, Mansour El Souwaim, Hafiz Hussein, Mamoun Eltlib, Stella Gaitano, Eiman Almazri, Weam Shawgi, Al Hadatha Magazine, Likikiri Collective, The Abdel Karim Merghani Cultural center, The Sudanese Writers Union, Madarek Publishing House, Creative Writing from the Sudans, Al Waraqin Book Shop, Moniem Ibrahim, Mohamed Yahia Mahgoub, Dr Khalid Ali, Imogen Thurbon & Womens Literacy Sudan, Griselda El Tayib, Sara El-Nager assistant Editor, Akuc Bol, Becksy Becks, Tony Akaro, Areej Osman, Elias Fath Elrahman


Young Writers’ Open Mic, British Council Sudan, July 2018

Khalid Siraj, Khalda Yagob, Yedjowk Agwet, Abdalla Adam, Mohamed Ezagrig, Hajar Abd Almahmoud, Safa Zedan, Omer Mohammed Fadul, Aalaa Suliman Ahmed, Razan Elkhatib, Alaa Mohammed Ali, Taha Hassan Taha, Mohamed Yahia Mahgoub, Rogya Abdalla, Aalaa Anas, MAzin Hashin, Habab Alhindi, Naima Hafiz, Haneen Ibrahim, Mohamed Taha, Amal Abdalla, Nariman Osman, Ayn El Fathi, Mazin Ahmed



Engagement Programme of public talks and events held at P21 Gallery during the Sudan / South Sudan literature week:


PRIVATE VIEW + Regional Folk Costumes of the Sudan Book Launch

Thursday 1st November 2018 | 18:00 - 20:00

Talks, book signings, refreshments, fashion & accessories



Saturday 3rd November 2018 | 12:00 - 16:00

Talks, book signings, performance, staged readings, fashion & accessories



The Cinema Clinic by Khalid Ali with actor and director Tom Browne and Dr James Ruzicka, consultant anaesthetist and film script writer

Wednesday 7th November 2018 | 18:00 - 20:00



Saturday 10th November 2018 | 12:00 - 16:00




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Supported by: The British Council and Arts Council England